XRlab offers you a simple way to further digitalise your development processes by using viewer technologies, metadata and augmented reality (AR) for faster decision-making and documentation.

What is XRlab?

XRlab is an enterprise-grade, versatile and adaptable drop-in solution for fast and easy  visualisation and verification of 3D CAD data in augmented reality (AR).

Overlay real-world models with your virtual model data to expand and compare them, or insert your 3D CAD data fully sized into the real environment.

The software application combines the power of your CAD/PDM system with the flexibility of a next-generation mobile 3D/AR viewer app.

Who should be using XRlab?

Anyone who needs to work with 3D CAD, CAE and CAx data in their daily working life and compare it with real objects in the physical world.

XRlab lets you perform technical tasks such as

  • Design reviews,
  • Quality assurance,
  • Factory/product planning,
  • Test plans and assembly instructions,
  • Building project management,
  • Work instructions,
  • Digital reports.

Either individually or as part of a globally distributed team.



Why choose XRlab?

XRlab offers you a simple way of optimising your development processes by making the best use of augmented reality (AR) technology. It integrates the most advanced 3D object tracking on the market with intuitive features and tools to save development time and costs.

XRlab Desktop Client

A stand-alone Windows application that serves as a direct link between your virtual CAD and PDM world and AR augmented reality. Import native 3D CAD data, edit it if necessary, and transfer your XRlab project directly to your Apple iPad. XRlab is simple to integrate, easy to use, and scales with your needs.

XRlab AR Viewer

An intuitive mobile application that integrates advanced AR object tracking for the most complex three-dimensional geometries. Save time and costs during your design, manufacturing, or QA process by superimposing virtual 3D and metadata over real-world models. Realise the full potential of AR in your organisation.